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Chair hire for weddings and events

Chair Hire for WeddingsFinding the right seating for a wedding or event is always difficult, but chair hire for weddings or events is easier than you think. Just check online in the uk, and you will be blessed with ideas. But you also want it to look stylish, but importantly it has to be comfortable and for a big corporate day or wedding most people want something different. The remit or plan for our clients is usually to have something original that makes their day stand out from others that they have been to.

Having met with some great event planners lately as well as attending a lot of fabulous wedding fairs, we are amazed at the variety that is out there these days! Of course most venues offer you their standard seating but these can now be dressed with sashes, bows, balloons, ribbon and lace to match your theme. Often though, if you speak to them early enough, venues can sometimes arrange for padded, metal and wooden chairs to be included in the booking if desired, for an extra charge.

For those who require a more unique style of seating you can have anything from fold-down seating, picnic tables, hay bales and of course Deck Chairs. We have seen a number of events where the hay bales have been dressed with coloured material. This creates a stunning look and co-ordinates well with flower displays, tableware and lighting, especially for an outdoor event. Another great idea that we’ve seen for a beach wedding is when a bride matches her wedding flowers with beautiful end displays on the aisle seats. This creates an absolutely stunning walkway and this idea could be used for any event.

Here at Anywhere Deck Chairs we can also match our chairs to fit in with your needs, our deck chair hire for weddings are perfect in every way and you can rent them for a day, week or even longer. Another example is our traditional striped chairs can be hired to create a ‘beside the sea’ or ‘vintage’ theme. Or you could pick from the range of colours, as shown on our website, to match in with your wedding, party or corporate event.