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Corporate Events

Happy Days sitting on a deck chairNow without stating the obvious, anyone tasked with arranging a corporate event must be organised! It is so easy to treat it like it’s your own; however events are often governed by tight budgets and most managers want or need a return for their money. This could be anything from raising the profile of their company or promoting a new product.

The basics needed to hold an event MUST be covered by the budget first. This includes food, a marketing strategy to promote the event (no guests, no point) staff to tend to your guests and a venue. Whilst it’s tempting to go for the most elaborate venue that you come across, it is really important to remember that location, location, location far outweighs that marble floored penthouse suite in the next city! Some companies also like to include a guest speaker in their essentials or at least some sort of an incentive to ensure that people turn up.

Once the basics have been covered, you can then start with the fun stuff. There is so much out there to choose from, it can be mind boggling, pom poms, banners, pop-up cocktail bars etc etc so the best way to start is to choose a theme. A circus event could include clowns and magicians or you could go with a beach themed event using beach huts and our very own Anywhere Deck Chairs. Either way to agree a theme and to dress the venue accordingly will ensure that your guests are entertained as soon as they arrive.

Before the day, where possible, it is a good idea to do a press release. This gets your event out there; however you should not underestimate the power of social media. This is something easily done and most importantly its free! Some of the money that would previously have been spent on constantly promoting the event can now be spent on that champagne fountain that you had your eye on………

If you would like details on hiring traditional deckchairs for your corporate event, please do get in contact to discuss how we can help you.