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Deck Chair Hire for any Event

Let’s assume you’ve got an event to plan…it could be a wedding, a milestone birthday or you could be an event planner who has just been contacted about the job that you have been chasing for months. What do you do…..?

Deck-Chair-Hire-for-CelebrationsWell after the obvious thoughts and meetings with the client if there is one, how about bringing something different to the party such as a beach themed event complete with deck chairs! Now most events need seating; almost all want something that is specific to them and deciding what that is can sometimes be difficult. However a lot of people do have that nostalgic feeling of days spent beside the sea with their families eating sand-filled sandwiches whilst lounging on a deck chair.

This warm and fuzzy feeling can be recreated with Anywhere Deck Chairs.

Our deck chairs can be used as an additional seating area for your wedding, for example in a marquee, or incorporated into the whole day if you are having a beach themed wedding.

There are other ways in which our chairs can be used. Most people have heard of silent discos, how about using them for a silent cinema? (Maybe not that unusual to some given that we have had an enquiry along these lines this week)

Vintage and retro events are also becoming very popular. Our deck chairs can take pride of place alongside other great additions such as the vintage ice cream van, hog roast and music tent, giving your customers the opportunity to sit back and relax.

Sporting events, festivals, country fairs, village fete’s the list is endless as our chairs can compliment any event.

A lazy summer day in the sunshine (fingers crossed) lounging on a deck chair whilst the world rushes by is a feeling that can be hard to beat!