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Deckchairs for any occasion!

Marriott Hotel Bournemouth

A deckchair is one of those things that automatically cheers people up, with thoughts of happy, sunny days at the seaside, or relaxing afternoons in the garden. Why not use them to bring a little fun to your events?

A wedding reception

Every bride and groom want their big day to be memorable and enjoyable. Make the most of a summer’s day and beautiful venue by providing your guests with deckchairs to relax in! UK deckchair hire is easy, so why not embrace a holiday theme and serve them with ice creams?

A summer barbecue

We all know the British summer can be a bit fickle, so we like to make the most of the sunny days while we can. A barbecue is a great way to cater for a party, as the food can roll on all day, making it a great family event – those who need to get little ones home to bed can enjoy a fun afternoon, while the carefree ones can party into the night! Have some deckchairs handy for your guests to relax in with a cool drink.

A staff family day

Companies often like to provide a function to say thank you to their staff and for their families to enjoy, but the large numbers involved can often mean that the choice of venue is limited. By hiring in deckchairs that problem is removed, as all you need is a wide open space for games and picnics while you can all enjoy the day in comfort.