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Our first Deck Chair job – London Zoo

zsl-london-zoo-logoThis time last year, Anywhere Deck Chairs didn’t even exist. The idea was there but the name, website and business plan was just something that I was trying to put into practise but having very little success. This all changed following a productive meeting with Adrian from Plan web design. Along with my wife Tracy we had a great brain-storming session and from nowhere I came up with Anywhere Deck Chairs. Eyebrows were raised, we all nodded in agreement and everything fell into place.

And so it began…….

Incredibly the enquiry for our first job came not long after our launch on February 1st 2014 and even more incredible was that it was from London Zoo. They wanted 200 deckchairs for their week long outdoor cinema event. We were amazed that they had found us and even for an established company we all agreed that this was a great job. The feeling that Tracy, our son Ashley and I had as staff guided our deckchair loaded van through the gates and into London zoo was amazing, we were all so proud.

We set the deckchairs up in a large outside area for the event that took place each evening. Those attending were given a guided tour followed by a screening of a different film each night. During the event we were able to see pictures of celebrities including Dermot O’Leary and Lydia from TOWIE on social media sites enjoying films whilst sat on an Anywhere Deck Chair!

We were also privileged to be shown around and could see for ourselves the incredible conservation work that is carried staff at the zoo who cared for each and every animal.

A week later we were back to collect the deckchairs and take them home. As we packed them away from this amazing event we were even more determined to make Anywhere Deck Chairs a success.

For more details find us at www.anywheredeckchairs.co.uk Email: info@anywheredeckchairs.co.uk Telephone: 07527608523