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Our New Adventure

Deck Chair Hire UKWell, here we are, Anywhere Deck Chairs, the beginning of our exciting new venture……

Both my wife and I love going to events, and being entertained. It’s not that we’re lazy but as you get older my theory is why try and entertain yourself when someone can do it for you!!!! We’re not fussy though, oh no, we love everything (well almost everything!) It could be a sporting event, from darts to the Olympics, a music event, from a large festival to an intimate gig, or general fun gatherings often in our own city such as the Victorious Festival or the Southsea Show. On top of this, living in Portsmouth we also LOVE anything to do with being by the sea.

As we attended these events we started to come across deckchairs, yes deck chairs! Now the last time I saw a traditional striped deck chair it was (ahem) many years ago…..The more I saw them, the more I became interested in the idea of hiring them out to others as for me, they brought back happy memories of an exciting childhood free from worries and lazy days with my family by the sea. Think picnic rug, cool box, sand filled soggy sandwiches and sausage rolls and you get my idea.

The seeds were sown……..Being self-employed, I realised that this was something that I could easily fit in around my job and I was lucky enough to find Adrian from ‘plan web‘ who was able to design our website exactly how I imagined. I started my research and managed to source some excellent quality deck chairs. For me, the deal was done and Anywhere Deckchairs was formed, now we can truly start to push our Deck Chair Hire business and are excited at the prospect.

Since we went live two weeks ago we have had a fantastic response, from festivals, individuals from the music world, and brides as well as other smaller companies interested in our idea. These companies have actually been a great help to a new business like ours and next month we hope to have more news about the journey of Anywhere Deckchairs. Watch this space…..