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Niche – it’s a funny word…

Red & Blue Deck Chairs at Event

…as it has so many meanings; initially this was simply a description of a recess in a wall. Commercially, it usually expresses the idea of expert specialisation in a single key area; or the effort taken to develop a market that might not otherwise even exist.

All of this means that, when one of an increasing number of returning customers recently told us that we really had created our own niche market, we were modestly pleased. We know that, if you simply want to buy a deckchair for your own back garden, there is no shortage of outlets.

However, if you are looking to add that extra element of fun or style to perhaps a corporate event or charity occasion, family wedding or community festival – indoors or out – this is where we can help. You can quickly hire a large number (fifty and above) of a stunningly traditional style of deckchair, yet one enhanced with a superbly modern crafted construction using Merpauh. This is a seriously durable hardwood from the forests of Malaysia, which is then also richly coated in teak oil. Add slings of Textilene, which is a non-stretch, weather and flame resistant PVC coated and woven polyester, and you’ll see how traditional style can thrive in the modern world.

Incidentally, if you have ever laughed at one of those old slapstick sketches where folk get into a terrible tangle trying to erect their deckchair, don’t worry – we can even take care of that when we deliver them!

Another definition of niche is ‘an activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents’. Well, we do like relaxing into one of our own deckchairs. Does that count?