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A Typical Day in the Life of an Anywhere Deck Chair

Travel Life of an Anywhere Deck ChairIt all starts off in a garage kindly provided by a loving relative. Piled high and wide and in a variety of colours including blue/white, green/white, and red/white striped each deckchair is lovingly cleaned before it goes out on hire and again on return.
For each job the deckchair is loaded and secured and the paperwork is put into the trusty clipboard. Our SatNav is checked for traffic alerts and all being well off we go.

Heading out of Portsmouth our preferred route is to use the A3 straight into London. Going through the Hindhead tunnel makes a trip to South London a little over an hour, traffic permitting. Passing by Petersfield, Liphook, Elstead and on to Guildford, it’s all so familiar that it almost feels that we could do it with our eyes closed, obviously we wouldn’t!

After Guildford, the traffic (and excitement) starts to build as we realise that we are heading into what we consider one of the most exciting capital cities in the world. Going through Putney High Street we know that we are nearly there and often comment on the fact that we should try and stay in Putney, at least on one occasion. Driving over Putney Bridge, we are treated to views of the Thames and Tower Bridge. It never ceases to impress us and we will never get bored of seeing this amazing sight along with the boats, iconic structures and buildings dotted along the river.

Once at our destination, after a meet and greet with the organiser, a brief instruction is given on how to assemble the deckchair to prevent injury. Once set up, all that is left is for the customer to sit back and relax in an Anywhere Deck Chair whilst watching a show, a film or just to enjoy the view is and our job is done.

If you would like information on hiring our traditional deckchairs contact us for details. Email: info@anywheredeckchairs.co.uk or Telephone: 07527608523