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What can deckchairs be used for?

What can deckchairs be used for?Deckchairs often remind people of old fashioned seaside towns, and you’ll still see rows of these brightly coloured chairs lining the promenade of many holiday destinations. However, deckchairs aren’t just for use by the sea. They were originally used for passengers on ships, and are versatile enough to use for all sorts of occasions. Here are a few ideas for ways to use deckchairs:

Outdoor events

If you’re throwing a party or outdoor event such as a festival, then looking at deckchairs for hire can help you to easily sort out your seating arrangements. Deckchairs are fun and practical, providing comfortable seating on grassy areas that adds an interesting touch to your event. Because they fold away easily, they can be transported in large numbers, and easily moved around a site.

Special occasions

When you’re planning a special occasion, from a wedding to a birthday party, having enough seating is essential. Deckchairs are a great alternative to boring folding chairs, and there are many colour options and ways to decorate them to make a unique style statement. Vintage style weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and using deckchairs for seating at the ceremony or reception adds a fun, retro touch.

Deckchairs aren’t just for the beach or back garden; they can be used for many different events and occasions where you need practical, sturdy seating that’s easy to move and can be delivered and collected.